We work with great teams to build activations that will move the needle in both engagement & ROI.
Here are some examples of our work.

Oregon Ducks

Duck Picks Prediction Game

Bringing a prediction game to college athletics with the Oregon Ducks. Fans choose what will happen next & gain points when they are correct, battling it out with other fans.

Seattle Storm 

StormSquad Fantasy Activation

Taking one of the most loyal fan bases in the WNBA and bringing them closer to the game with a fantasy & loyalty activation.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 4.55.08 PM.png


MySquad In-Game Fantasy

With the WNBA seeing record numbers in viewership & attendance we worked with the league to bring fans closer to each moment of the great game through an in-game fantasy experience.

PDX Winterhawks

GameFace Social Sharing & Top Line Fantasy Activations

With GameFace the Winterhawks are empowering their fans to generate authentic content while at events & games and Top Line they connect fans to the great moments of their games. The Winterhawks have doubled down on digital engagement with SQWAD and are seeing massive benefits.

Checkers Engagement Web.png


Top Line Fantasy Hockey Activation

The Checkers wanted to turn their mobile app into something more than just links to their website. With our Top Line fantasy hockey activation they are able to engage fans with the action on the ice and up sell a key sponsor.

Spokane Chiefs

Top Line Fantasy Hockey Activation

With the Spokane Chiefs we were able to integrate our Top Line fantasy experience with the goal of engaging fans & linking a sponsor with that engagement.

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