In-game fantasy

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Fans come to your games for the goals, baskets, touchdowns, and great moments. With our in-game fantasy activation we connect your fans to each moment in a gamified experience for the entire stadium.

How it works:

  • Fans create an account with email or Facebook

  • Choose a player they think will do the best statistically
  • Gain points when their pick racks up stats
  • Compete with other fans for the top spot each night

A few examples

Winterhawks Fan Image.png

Portland Winterhawks

Spokane fan Image.png

Spokane Chiefs

Checkers fan Image.png

Charlotte Checkers

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Winterhawks Fan Image.png

Activation Spotlight
Portland Winterhawks

  • Over 6,000 emails collected from signups

  • Averaging 768 players per game

  • Averaging 22 player changes per game, per fan

  • Averaging 16 minutes of screen time per fan, per game on the activation

  • Averaging $1,800 a month in direct ticket sales from the activation

How do I monetize?

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Add a sponsor

With fan's focus on the game the game gains a huge amount of impressions. This makes the activation prime inventory for your sponsors. Add scoreboard sponsorship to show the top players each game & this becomes a sponsor's dream.

Winterhawks Fan Image.png

ticketing touch point

This activation is another touch point for fans. Add ticketing messaging & deals to increase direct digital sales.

See it in action


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